Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Squidoo, Amazon, and Really Nothing Whatsoever to Do with Historical Fiction

I love finding new things to play with on the Internet, especially when some clever person's done all of the formatting for me and all I have to do is input text! A couple of days ago, someone on a list I belong to mentioned a site called Squidoo. It allows users to create a "lens"--not so much a website or a blog as a gateway into a website or a blog. Anyway, you can see my two Squidoo lenses here. One, of course, is devoted to my novel (Mom can only make so many telephone calls to her friends, you know, especially for a novel that opens with two guys in bed together), and the other is aimed at readers of historical fiction. So check 'em out on the right side of your screen!

Amazon is also adding some gizmos. It has an Author Connect feature now, which I have signed up for but seem to be about the millionth person in line for. I just noticed that Amazon has Wikis now for book pages, so I added one for mine. Problem is, Wikis can be edited by any Amazon customer who comes along, which is an attraction for nutcases and for people with way too much time on their hands. (One such person has added snotty little Wikis to J. K. Rowling's Amazon pages--that'll show her!) It'll be interesting to see how all of these features pan out.

By the way, I spent way too much time debating whether to capitalize "with" in this blog title.