Thursday, February 14, 2008

In Which the Intelligence Quotient of This Blog Takes Yet Another Sharp Descent

OK, I'm still feeling brain-dead. So here's some results from the BBC's very own Valentine Name Generator:

Queen Isabella = Snuggles
Edward II = Atlas
Roger Mortimer = Poochie Woochie
Piers Gaveston = Drum Sticks
Hugh le Despenser = Pumpkin
Eleanor de Clare = Yum Yums
Edward III = Gold Member
Philippa of Hainault = Snuggles (Isabella isn't going to like that one bit, dearie.)

Elizabeth Woodville = Miffy
Edward IV = Drum Sticks (is there something we don't know about him and William Hastings?)
William Hastings = Drum Sticks (oh, there's definitely something here)
Harry Buckingham = Horny Honey (too much time alone on the Welsh border?)
Richard III = Donkey Derby (that's what you get for killing those sweet little Princes)

Henry Tudor = Shnookums
Elizabeth of York = Angel Pie

Henry VIII = Snoopy
Catharine of Aragon = Love Bunny
Anne Boleyn = Sex kitten
Jane Seymour = Tufty
Anne of Cleves = Cutiepops
Katherine Howard = Fairy Cake
Katherine Parr = Miffy

Elizabeth I = Snuggles (again?)

And for the man who wrote, "What's in a name?":

William Shakespeare = Diggler


Alison said...

Do you think Elizabeth Woodville and Katherine Parr are going to fight it out over Miffy as well?!

Susan Higginbotham said...

That would be a sight to see! (Though I must admit Miffy seems to suit Elizabeth better than Katherine.)

Lady D. said...

Edward III - 'Goldmember' - ROFLMAO!!!!!

And my next fictional extract will star...Pumpkin and Yum

What was yours, by the way?????

Susan Higginbotham said...

I was Snuggles! Just like Isabella and Philippa!

Looking forward to seeing Pumpkin and Yum Yums in action!