Sunday, July 08, 2007

In Which I Turn to Historical Romance

Reading Alianore's posts on a certain historical romance writer and doing my own post on Richard III's coronation has had a rather odd effect on my mind, I'm afraid. Here is the result:

: A Thrilling New Paranormal Romance by Summer Sutton

Beautiful, obsidian-eyed Lady Ebony Butler gives her promise to marry—and her strumpet's luscious body—to the young, dashing Duke of York. But even the ravishing Ebony is powerless over the blandishments of the wicked Elizabeth Woodville, who employs her silver-gilt hair—and her witch's powers—to ensnare the duke. When the duke becomes the King of England, Ebony is cast off.

But the King and his witch have failed to reckon with Ebony's own magical powers, awakened by his betrayal of her. Assuming the shape of Topaz de Leybourn, a temptress no man can resist, Ebony will become the mistress of the king's enigmatic younger brother, Dirk, trapped in a loveless marriage.

Through the secrets Topaz reveals to him, Dirk will capture the throne. Will he also capture Topaz's heart?

"I threw this book across the room . . . in ecstasy! Sutton brings the Wars of the Roses to life in this dazzling debut novel."
--Romantic Times

"Sizzles! I will remember the scene between Topaz and Dirk in Bishop Morton's strawberry garden for the rest of my natural life."
--Romance Reviewed Today


"You want me. You know you do," whispered Topaz. She gazed at Dirk's bulging dagger.

Dirk did want her. Anne, his wife, was a fit wife for a duke, and perhaps even for a king, but not for the animal that raged inside Dirk now. She'd grown fat and dull, even to her name. Anne—when she might have been named Amber, or Amethyst . . . Dirk wanted a woman like his brother's wife, Elizabeth Woodville. A witch who would set his groin on fire . . .

Without a further word, he seized Topaz and stripped her of her clinging gown. Soon they were riding passionate waves of ecstasy, waves that neither Dirk nor even Topaz had ever ridden before . . .


"You're telling me that my brother's father was an archer? I cannot believe it!"

"You must," said Topaz. "It is the very truth. An archer named Blade."

Dirk considered. "It is true that my lady mother always had tapestries of archers on the walls, and that she wore a little bow and arrow around her wrist, and that she was always particular that we practice our archery daily. But this I cannot believe! It is your witch's lies!"

"You must believe me. Your brother the king has cried the secret out in his sleep."

Dirk started. "Are you telling me you have shared the king's bed as well as mine?" He grabbed Topaz's ivory shoulder. "You demon!"

Topaz shook her head. "Nay! I have lain but with one brother of the House of York. But a beauteous young woman named Lady Ebony Butler shared your brother's bed, and she knew all of his secrets." She lowered her voice. "Dirk, you must trust what I tell you next. It will allow you to change the course of history . . . "


Daphne said...


Kathryn Warner said...

Nearly cried with sooo have to write that book. :)

And I hope you take my suggestions from the recent comment thread on my blog, and call Topaz and Dirk's children Lavender, River and Hawk. ;) Then you can write a sequel about Lady Lavender Plantagenet and her lover, Sir Cougar.

Gabriele Campbell said...

you sooo have to write that book. :)

It might even find a publisher.

Margaret Porter said...

Most excellent. Very well done.

Carla said...

Snort! You have a talent for this :-)

Susan Higginbotham said...

Thanks, all!

The scary thing is that if I could write the sex scenes well enough, it might be publishable!

Anonymous said...

It's almost too convincing, and I had to stop giggling at work!

Carla said...

Just curious about one thing, why change his name to 'Dirk'? Wouldn't Dick be, ahem, highly suitable for the hero of a steamy romance?

Susan Higginbotham said...

Thanks, Alison!

Carla, Dick would be quite suitable, but I thought Dirk sounded more macho and modern and bare-chested.

Sarah Johnson said...

Does Dirk wear thigh-high, shiny black boots? That seems awfully fitting for such a hero. Plus they're good for walking through the strawberry garden.

You know there is a novel out with a heroine named Topaz Plantagenet, right?

Susan Higginbotham said...

Sarah, you're right. He must wear boots! As shiny as possible.

Now that you mention it, I do remember Topaz Plantagenet. Oh, lord. I just hope there's no Dirk in there also.