Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Morning Keywords

higginbotham family scotland

You ought to see the kilts the Higginbotham men wear. Bare-chested, naturally.

hugh t. despenser

There's Hugh the elder, Hugh the younger, and Hugh the Mr. T. Despenser. I probably won't be writing about the latter.

i heard that you are working with childrens isabella

Nothing like a little charity work to rehabilitate one's image

isabel denounces he sisters-in-law for adultery

You skanks!

how to get to blacklow hill

Get a lonely young prince to fall in love with you, let him make you an earl and give you a lot of land, and call the barons funny names and make them kneel to you once the prince becomes king.

king henry viii called catherine of aragon a cow

snippets from william shakespeare

Henry: O, Catherine. This I say to you. Thou art a cow, unlike the slim maiden Anne Boleyn.

Catherine: Look who talketh.


Unknown said...

I think someone just confused him supposedly calling Anne of Cleves a "Flanders Mare"
Susan A

Susan Higginbotham said...

Thanks! Somehow I can't picture Catherine of Aragon sitting still for that . . .

Carla said...

"O, Catherine. This I say to you. Thou art a cow, unlike the slim maiden Anne Boleyn."
Who, as everyone knows, is a sprightly little heifer. (Or a filly, if looking for a counterpoint to the Flanders Mare quote)

Kathryn Warner said...

Love the Blacklow Hill one!

Anonymous said...

I love the searches you get, mine are so dull in comparison!