Thursday, March 06, 2008

Name That Novel!

I'm a little tired of referring to "the novel I'm writing set during the Wars of the Roses," which features Henry Stafford, the second Duke of Buckingham, and Katherine Woodville, his wife. What I really need, then, is a working title. Here are a few possibilities.

Harry Loses His Head

The Woodvilles: Not So Bad After All

A Few Weddings and a Whole Lot of Funerals

Down and Out at Weobley

Richard III: The Real Dirt

The Dastardly Duke

Katherine (has someone used that already?)

Love and Consequences (why let a perfectly good title go to waste now that all of those books have been recalled?)

So which should it be? You decide!


Jules Frusher said...

Lol! Oh Susan, I so know about the working title problem - I'm having the same myself!!! Really like the 'A Few Weddings' one though.

How about 'Game Set and Match'? hehe

Carole said...

I think "the dastardly duke" or "love and consequences"

Unknown said...

When Harry Met Kathy?

Unknown said...

When Harry Met Kathy?

Carla said...

I vote for Harry Loses His Head :-)

I often don't get the title until the novel is nearly finished, because I never know what title will suit the story until it's told. I also don't like to pick the title too early, or to use a joke title, in case I find I get used to it and then stuck with it! Maybe you could just use something like 'the Buckingham novel' as a working title?

Kathryn Warner said...

I like the weddings and funerals one, too!

Unknown said...

For some reason this one makes me giggle: The Woodvilles: Not So Bad After All

Gabriele Campbell said...

I like A Few Weddingsn and a Whole Lot of Funerals best. :)

Anonymous said...

I really like Susan's suggestion - When Harry met Kathy! Or A Few Weddings and a Whole Lot of Funerals.

Anonymous said...

I rather like Harry Loses His Head.