Friday, May 16, 2008

More Tacky Covers

We've had a little tacky-cover-fest here in blogland, between Suburbanbeatnik's Toga Porn post (courtesy of Sarah's link) and Sarah's own post on The Epitome of Tackiness. So here's a couple of more tacky covers to start your weekend off right. (Long-time readers of this blog will have seen the last two already--which depict Jane Shore and Katherine Howard--but I thought I'd post them again for the newcomers here, especially since I didn't have the scanner when I posted them before.)

Ride East! Ride West!, incidentally, is set in the 1340's. The heroine's scanty clothing is doubtless an arcane reference to Edward III's sumptuary laws, which regulated what materials could be worn by persons of various social ranks.


Daphne said...

And I just love the accompanying descriptions of the book!

Sarah said...

Jan Westcott really wasn't served well by her covers! The first one is rather scary.

Susan Higginbotham said...

Gotta love those thigh-high boots, though! I have a couple of Westcott hardbacks--The White Rose and Set Her on a Throne. They're very staid-looking.